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Why are we doing Calicanto?

According to a recent research, an really large variety of individuals are living under the poverty line. Everyday, one of three kids dies as a result of the lack of food, water and shelter.  In most portion of the world, individuals are still struggling to survive even free of the meals and water. Sadly, also several dies every year as a result of the starvation and disease; however, they are in severe necessity of help.

Now, individuals are much more focused on functioning along with the charitable societies and they are taking out time from their busy timetable to tips these children. Their beliefs lead them to grab involved along with several non-profit organizations. For this, several individuals discover themselves drawn to best Christian charities as several concentrate on boosting the lives of the bad people. These charities lure severe focus to the communities that are below poverty line and tips offer them a standard living.

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That´s how Calicanto was created.  Our organization is focused on helping adults, providing food and technology classes, we are not promoting any religion or neither promoting political issues, we are only giving the adults the opportunity to learn, get some help and provide resources for giving them a hope to find a better job or start a new business.
We require your help for doing this, you can make an appointment with us to provide more information as you desire, calling (323) 612-8373

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