Non Profit Org. 501 (c)3

Seminar for Small Busines and Entrepeneurs

Calicanto Seminar 

Everything about advertising and promoting on internet

The first Calicanto seminar is aimed for people from small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to know the strategies to better promote themselves on the Internet effectively.

For adults over 35 years of age and low income.

For those who want to start their business online and do not know how to start. What works?

Do you have little investment to promote your business?

Have you been deceived with web pages that do not work?

Have you sold applications that do not lower them?

Do you need a guide to open your online store?

All these questions and tools are put at your disposal.

In this seminar you will get tips to invest better in online advertising, making promotional campaigns and knowing about the costs of publishing on the internet.

You will also know about the diversity in social media, the costs of promoting yourself in social networks and also about the different ways to promote yourself online.  

How to start your business on the Internet and all about electronic commerce such as the various electronic payment platforms, sales by catalogs, by references, memberships, affiliates, and so on.

All about the web pages, Facebook pages, features and tools. Answer the questionnaire and this is your entry pass.

Requirements: over 35 years old and answer the questionnaire.

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